I had a burger today at Brighouse Xmas Market. I had wanted to try a water buffalo burger since seeing them on a recent farming programme. I will definitely buying some to enjoy at home.

Paul Elle

Hi David thankyou really pleased you enjoyed the burgers look forward to seeing you again Cath


Bought the burgers at Elsecar food festival today Wow they were great tasting and was amazed at how little fat came out the burger Will definitely take a drive to the farm shop to buy more

David oliver

Missed you at Humber Bridge today. Were you there? So disappointed 'cos we've no burgers left!

Laurie Fenwick

Best burgers ever need to try steak also very nice family wen u turn upto door greeted with a smile ever so friendly told all my friends and family how good they are 10 out of 10

Ian Randall

Just got home and cooked up the sausages I bought from the Lowry Food & Drink Fest. Your Water Buffaloes are delicious.

Paul Brislane

Amazing mouth watering burgers, very tender and tasty, best burger I've ever had by far.

Clair Skinner

hi. I cant find where your prices are for sausages and burgers and how do i order them? do you have minimum quantities? Tried them at Wetherby Food Fest. Ideally would like to order and pick up when you are next in Leeds. many thanks


went to Filey food festval and had a buffalo burger, never tasted a burger like it ,absolutly beautiful, so i bought some burgers and sausages . cant wait to have them. dont think i will buy any other burgers now i have tryed buffaol burgerd. Just looking on line to see were you are at your next festval, need to stock up .

jazz sutcllffe

I bought a piece of buffalo, roasting topside, at Holmfirth Food Festival and it was WONDERFUL -it made 6 meals plus a sandwich or two it so it was very good value too. I cooked it like a beef joint and had it medium rare. Perfect. I shall definitely go out of my way to buy more.


Tried a burger today at Penistone Show. Probably the best burger I have ever had!! Unbelievabley good

Will Carr

Had a burger today in Wetherby and it was excellent. Must find out where to to buy more


hi as a caterer was wondering what happens to your prime cuts of buffalo as i'm looking for a local supplier to hull thanks

paul marshall

had the burgers you kindly gave us last night cath we really liked them and would recommend to anyone many thanks tony

tony grant

Just had your water buffalo burgers for lunch mmmmm! You've got a new customers - will contact you later on how to replenish supplies.

Bruce & Jill Thomas

Bought some buffalo burgers in Wakefield. They are awesome. They are the best burgers I have ever tasted!

Richard Byers

These are quite simply the best burgers I have ever had in my whole life, long may you continue trading

Helen Wilson

Hi Lee Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We don't have a farm shop but if you let me know what you would like we will freshly make and you are can collect. Regards Cath


I have loved Water buffalo for ages and can't believe that it is now sold in Oxspring! It is fantastic it is the best filet steak i have ever eaten and 50% less saturated fat than normal beef.(found it just in time for my new year healthy eating plan. I am so glad I was searching for somewhere nearer to home to get it from. I am going to put a post on my work web site to share this great find. Expect me soon!

Angela Hill

Hi I purchased two of your finest Burgers at Staveley's Victorian Christmas Market recently. Having had Buffalo burgers previously, though not from yourselves.I thought i knew what i was purchasing, it wasn't until i'd cooked them and taken my first bite that i realised what i had tasted before was an IMPOSTER!!. Your Burgers are AMAZING the meat just melted in my mouth and rest assured even though i live in derbyshire i shall be visiting the farm shop very soon indeed. Please can you advise me what the opening times are for the farm shop. Regards BIG LEE.


We have just had the buffalo burgers we bought at Honley Show. They were delicious., lean and very very tasty. We shall have to get the map out nd find you for a lot more. Well done we shall be eating more .

Sue duffield

Wow amazing flavour and texture of buffalo sirloin steak is amazing will definitely be becoming a regular customer at the Humber bridge market. As someone who enjoys beef I can see water buffalo becoming a favoured meat the health benefits are a bonus but enjoyment is why I buy my food.

richard townsley

We have just eaten the burgers we bought at holmfirth market. They were very tasty, just as good if not better than a quality beef burger and healthier for us too! We will be buying some more. Jonathan


I bought some of your water buffalo frying steak yesterday at the farmers market at Wentworth garden centre, and just had it for my dinner. It was delicious and I will def be buying it again, hopefully from your farm as I live not far away, just have to persuade hubby to drive me there. Mel

Melonie Pickering

Try to get to the Humber Bridge Market every month to buy supplies of your fillet steaks. The best fillet I have ever tasted!

Ray Tullock

Just enjoyed a gorgeous Water Buffalo Roast purchased at the Holmfirth Food & Drink Festival. It was really tasty & my husband and 9 year old daughter loved it too. Will definitely buy this again.

Jayne Holroyd

These burgers are the best I have ever had. Even my children eat them and they cant wait for me to buy more.

natalie fee