Markets we Attend

We attend a number of farmer’s markets and food festivals in the Yorkshire area.

28 Sat
12:00 am
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4:00 am
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6:00 am
7:00 am
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12:00 pm
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9:00 am Bakewell Farmers Market @ Agriculture Business Centre
Bakewell Farmers Market @ Agriculture Business Centre
Mar 28 @ 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Our First month at this market hopefully to be there every month, we will have plenty of buffalo meat to take home including home made burgers and sausages be good to see you there. Generally

10 Responses to Markets we Attend

  1. s carr says:

    i visited and enjoyed your taster of buffalo burger at holmfirth food festival, and my freind purchased, lovely i ate drank and was merry, brilliant

  2. Lianne says:

    Had rib of buffaloes for Christmas dinner it was just amazing… See you back at wentworth on 13 th jan

  3. Jacob says:

    Just had a hot chilli buffalo burger which was purchased from holmfirth food festival , been in the freezer and forgot about them , the fact I’ve had such an amazing treat In the freezer for so long is upsetting, amazing, made my day

  4. Asha says:

    Delicious burgers – bought at Honley Show yesterday. My son asked for more after devouring his. He’s never liked burgers before and I only ever buy Aberdeen Angus ones otherwise.
    I just wish they were available closer to Halifax.

  5. Phil Roberts says:

    Bought 4 buffalo filets from you at Emley Showvtoday and cooked them on the barbecue when we got home. Had them pretty rare and we were amazed at the flavour, absolutely delicious. We’ll be back for more very soon!

  6. Judi Hughes says:

    Bought 2 buffalo burgers this morning at Wentworth farmers’ market. Couldn’t be bothered cooking Sunday lunch so we had the burgers with chips & salad. Absolutely delicious – they didn’t shrink, hardly any fat came out of them – they stayed really moist and what a wonderful taste, will definitely be buying more soon.

  7. Julie Darrington says:

    Bought steak and burgers from Wentworth on Sunday 9 march.
    Very surprised how beautiful it was..
    Better than any other steaks I have ever had.
    Never mind the markets, we will be buying direct from the farm. Cannot wait until next month…

  8. Rachel Rowett says:

    I really loved buying your buffalo burgers from wakefield farmers market, even got mum into them, they are so tasty
    really miss you being at this market and like another poster said don’t drive so cant get to any of the other events

  9. Gareth ayres says:

    Absolutely 100% gorgeous !!! Bought some burgers from a market in Shipley just before Christmas and can’t wait to stock up again from the kirkstall abbey market on the 28th March ☺

  10. Can’t quite believe I haven’t tried buffalo before until now!! I braised some of your wonderful buffalo braising steak for four hours with cyprus potatoes and was blown away at how tender and succulent the meat was surpassing even the best beef. Wonderful, wonderful meat that I will cook with again and again. Thank you!

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