A Healthy Burger?

Some of our products: tasty buffalo burgers and steaks!

Water buffalo meat is a lean red meat. Full flavoured and tender, it is often likened to the taste of good quality beef, and can be prepared in the same way.

Buffalo meat contains 70% less fat than beef and is also a valuable source of Omega 3, so can be considered a healthier alternative to traditional meat. What have you go to lose?! Try our Snowden Hill Water Buffalo steaks, burgers or sausages – view our calendar in the ‘Markets we Attend’ section to find a Farmers’ Market near you.

Our Buffalo Burgers have recently been tested by a public analyst. The results show that the burgers contain less than 3.0g/100g of fat, this has been described as ‘Low Fat’. The burgers have also been descibed as ‘High Protein’, with more than 20% of the energy being provided by protein.

18 Responses to A Healthy Burger?

  1. Vera says:


  2. natalie fee says:

    These burgers are the best I have ever had. Even my children eat them and they cant wait for me to buy more.

  3. Melonie Pickering says:

    I bought some of your water buffalo frying steak yesterday at the farmers market at Wentworth garden centre, and just had it for my dinner. It was delicious and I will def be buying it again, hopefully from your farm as I live not far away, just have to persuade hubby to drive me there.

  4. Jonathan says:

    We have just eaten the burgers we bought at holmfirth market. They were very tasty, just as good if not better than a quality beef burger and healthier for us too! We will be buying some more.

  5. richard townsley says:

    Wow amazing flavour and texture of buffalo sirloin steak is amazing will definitely be becoming a regular customer at the Humber bridge market. As someone who enjoys beef I can see water buffalo becoming a favoured meat the health benefits are a bonus but enjoyment is why I buy my food.

  6. Sue duffield says:

    We have just had the buffalo burgers we bought at Honley Show. They were delicious., lean and very very tasty. We shall have to get the map out nd find you for a lot more. Well done we shall be eating more .

  7. Angela Hill says:

    I have loved Water buffalo for ages and can’t believe that it is now sold in Oxspring! It is fantastic it is the best filet steak i have ever eaten and 50% less saturated fat than normal beef.(found it just in time for my new year healthy eating plan. I am so glad I was searching for somewhere nearer to home to get it from. I am going to put a post on my work web site to share this great find. Expect me soon!

  8. Helen Wilson says:

    These are quite simply the best burgers I have ever had in my whole life, long may you continue trading

  9. Richard Byers says:

    Bought some buffalo burgers in Wakefield. They are awesome. They are the best burgers I have ever tasted!

  10. Doug says:

    Had a burger today in Wetherby and it was excellent. Must find out where to to buy more

  11. Will Carr says:

    Tried a burger today at Penistone Show. Probably the best burger I have ever had!! Unbelievabley good

  12. Clair Skinner says:

    Amazing mouth watering burgers, very tender and tasty, best burger I’ve ever had by far.

  13. Paul Brislane says:

    Just got home and cooked up the sausages I bought from the Lowry Food & Drink Fest.

    Your Water Buffaloes are delicious.

  14. Ian Randall says:

    Best burgers ever need to try steak also very nice family wen u turn upto door greeted with a smile ever so friendly told all my friends and family how good they are 10 out of 10

  15. Laurie Fenwick says:

    Missed you at Humber Bridge today. Were you there? So disappointed ‘cos we’ve no burgers left!

  16. David oliver says:

    Bought the burgers at Elsecar food festival today
    Wow they were great tasting and was amazed at how little fat came out the burger
    Will definitely take a drive to the farm shop to buy more

  17. cath says:

    Hi David
    thankyou really pleased you enjoyed the burgers look forward to seeing you again

  18. Paul Elle says:

    I had a burger today at Brighouse Xmas Market. I had wanted to try a water buffalo burger since seeing them on a recent farming programme. I will definitely buying some to enjoy at home.

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